Feng Shui - Aqua Ventus Academy in Czech Republic, Europe

Aqua Ventus Academy - school of traditional feng shui art

Wellcome in feng shui Aqua Ventus Academy !

We are wellknown school of traditional chineese feng shui art in Czech Republic with several subsideries in rather town. We are focused for preparing the feng shui certificated experts.

Our studies includes all known methods as school of forms, Bagua, Bazhi, Flying star, ming kua, 4 pillars of destiny horoscope, geomancy, baubiology and anti geopathologic remedies.

We offer the cooperation due to seminars and conferences of feng shui experts from over the world. We are partner of Kanyu Institute in Germany.

Our activities includes also feng shui consultations and analyses for private sphere and also the companies - more in detail you can see on Aqua Ventus web sites here: feng-suej.net